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Don't just take my word for it!  Read these testimonials from some of my former customers and employers:





Jan tutored my daughter privately during Year 10 and 11, to enable her to take GCSE German, as she had been unable to continue with the subject at school. This meant Jan teaching the complete GCSE syllabus in one hour a week over the two-year period!  As this was the first year of the new style (linear) GCSE, this presented them both with an unprecedented challenge!  Jan wisely recommended preparing for the Foundation level exam, as it was not possible to tackle the Higher syllabus in the time available.  Jan really committed to getting my daughter through her GCSE, and all her efforts were rewarded when my daughter was awarded a grade 5, which is the highest available grade for a Foundation paper! Many, many thanks to Jan for the time, effort and energy she devoted to making sure that my daughter passed the GCSE. To this, I would draw attention to Jan’s skill in teaching and motivating my daughter to keep on going, even when times were tough! I couldn't recommend Jan highly enough, not only for her teaching ability and experience but for the extra mile (or 10) she went to ensure that my daughter not only passed, but achieved this highly respectable grade.


Sarah P.  (Mother of GCSE German Student, September 2018).  






Jan has been invaluable in making my 16 year old daughter's wish to achieve an A* grade in her French GCSE become a reality!


She offered flexible, tailored, insightful tutoring to the highest level. This is what made the difference to my daughter and gave her the competence and confidence to achieve her goal of a French A* pass! Thank you Jan!!


Karen B. (Mother of GCSE French Student).




Dear Mrs Hughes

Thank you so much for tutoring me this year.  You are the best teacher I have ever had in languages!  You really helped me gain confidence over the course of the year, so thank you very much! I’m sure the school you work in are very pleased to have such a great teacher! You are an amazing teacher and the proof is that it is down to you that I got an A in German and an A* in French


Anna (Aged 13, early entry IGCSE  French and German in Year 8).




I just wanted to say that no matter how he has done in his exams, my son has had a really productive and fun time being tutored by you this year. Thank you so much for all your effort and patience. We both really appreciate it. All the best for your future tutoring and for a nice, well deserved summer!


Laura A.     (Mother of A Level French student).   



Janet taught French to GCSE and tutored a student for GCSE Spanish at our school for six months from January 2014 onwards.  She has a considerable variety of teaching experience.  She is able to differentiate work so that gifted and talented students are challenged and weaker students are supported in their learning.  She has thorough subject knowledge and is a subject expert with a very good knowledge of assessment requirements. Her proficient knowledge of English also ensures that she can aid students’ development in literacy.   Janet is able to challenge and support students in her teaching in order to ensure that work is accessible and meets individual needs, and she matches work appropriately to levels and target levels.   She plans lessons and marks thoroughly, spending considerable time preparing and planning resources for all her lessons.  Resources are used imaginatively and Janet aims to develop not only linguistic skills but also students’ cultural awareness. She sets homework regularly, and this is always of good quality.  Janet is enthusiastic and passionate about her subject and conveys this to all her students.

Paul H.  (Head Teacher and former employer).                


I would like to express my grateful thanks for all the time and effort you have invested in tutoring my daughter. She put such a lot of work into the preparation, and I feel that, with your support and encouragement, she was so much better prepared this time than last and much more confident. It is abundantly clear to me that you went far and above what was required and expected of you and indeed that you are absolutely passionate about your subject. It is so refreshing to find this, especially given some of the teaching we have experienced in the (private) schools which our children have attended in the past.

Barbara D.   (Mother of A Level French tutee).       




Jan tutored my son for approximately seven months. My son, who was working at GCSE 'C' level when Jan started tutoring him, rapidly moved up to a 'B' level (within 6 weeks). Additionally, my son changed from a tearful and resentful learner into one who developed an open and interested approach to his French studies. We were happy with his improvement to B marks, but were absolutely delighted with the A* which our son obtained in his next piece of coursework. This was just outstanding, and went far beyond our highest hopes for him! Full credit goes to Jan, who made this challenging subject for him relatively easy and fully understandable. I should stress that the test which he took recently involved being questioned in French, and having to respond fluently. This is a difficult and challenging task.  Any student lucky enough to have Jan as a tutor is sure to do well. If my linguistically challenged son can do well with Jan's guidance, so can any child. Highly recommended!


Wendy P.    (Mother of  GCSE French tutee).                                                   


(Wendy's son obtained an overall A grade at GCSE, with A* for coursework. He was also awarded the Y11 French prize by his school in the autumn following his GCSE success).




Jan was highly recommended to us and my Year 11 son has had several really helpful and supportive sessions with her. He is gaining in confidence with his French GCSE and AS studies and finds it very useful to have regular one-to-one tutorials with Jan about his work.


Yvette O.    (Mother of GCSE French tutee).                                                                  




The help which Jan was able to offer my son (age 15) to get through his French GCSE exam was invaluable. He would not have felt confident enough to do the oral examination without her advice and guidance. He obtained an ‘A’ grade in his final exam, which was a fantastic result, and he would definitely not have been able to do this if it were not for Jan's lessons. She made him believe that he could do it (and he did). Thank you!


Elaine F.   (Mother of former  French GCSE tutee).            




Janet has worked wonders for my 15 year old daughter. Two years ago she had never learned a word of French, and with Janet's help on top of her school lessons she is now among the strongest in her GCSE class and predicted to get at least an A this summer. Having Janet's one-on-one support has helped embed the basic language skills whilst giving her confidence and enthusiasm to progress further. Now she wants to do French for A level!


Harriet L. (Mother of French GCSE tutee).     


(Harriet's daughter obtained an A* grade at GCSE and is now studying French at A level in the sixth form. I am now also teaching Harriet's younger daughter, who is preparing for her GCSE in French).




Jan was with us for six months, covering a maternity leave, teaching a range of classes at KS3 and 4, and acting as a form tutor to a year 10 / 11 group. She showed a full commitment to the role, contributing to tracking processes, report writing, parents’ evenings, tutor and department meetings. She was also a very active member of our choir, even accompanying the choir on a trip to France, during which her language skills were of great benefit.


Win P. (Former employer and Acting Head Teacher).                 




Jan has tutored my teenage daughter in French and I have been very impressed by her teaching ability. She quickly developed a good relationship with my daughter and was very effective in explaining French grammar in a clear and uncomplicated way. She made French lessons an enjoyable experience for my daughter, whose grades improved accordingly. I have no hesitation in recommending her as a tutor.


Rosemary C.   (Mother of GCSE French tutee).


(Rosemary's daughter achieved an A grade at GCSE, which was a very significant improvement on her school's predicted grade).




Jan was employed to cover for a permanent member of staff on long-term sickness absence, and then for a member of staff who had to resign from her post unexpectedly. She proved very reliable, resourceful and resilient. My deptartment of nine really warmed to her and she had no problems socially. In the classroom she worked extremely hard, did everything I asked and showed initiative by doing extra work without being asked! We got on very well and her wealth of experience was a huge advantage when the dept. was on the back foot because of staffing problems.


Pauline H. (Former employer and HOD of Languages).                     




Mrs Hughes was a competent and reliable teacher with high expectations of pupils and she was passionate about her subject. She particularly enjoyed working with our more able pupils. She was always organised and efficient in meeting deadlines.


Jill E. (Former employer, now Head Teacher).              




Janet Hughes came to us to cover a maternity leave in French from KS3 to A Level and Spanish at KS3. She is a French specialist, but it had been a while since she had taught Spanish. Her professional attitude towards re-acquainting herself with the language was immediately impressive. It was clear from the discussions that we shared shortly after her arrival that she has an admirable command of Spanish well capable of delivering the KS3 curriculum. She also helped our lone GCSE German student to achieve his A* in June, agreeing to prepare him for and conduct his speaking exam. Her wide range of experience in many schools has inculcated an incredibly flexible approach to teaching, since she brings to bear a wealth of knowledge, not only of all examination boards’ requirements, coursework and speaking practices in particular, but also of effective classroom practice and student motivation. She clearly thinks deeply about the profession that she has chosen. She is full of ideas. She has embraced ICT with gusto and is always keen to share her well researched resources, always with an eye for transferability across MFL. She demonstrated a diverse range of skills and activities via the interactive whiteboard in the lesson that I observed. In short, Janet made a positive contribution to the MFL faculty, and I am extremely grateful for her sound and prompt advice during a period of considerable flux in the MFL faculty.


Andrew S. (Former employer and HOD of Languages).                                           






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